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Proceedings of the 24th National and 2nd International ISHMT-ASTFE Heat and Mass Transfer Conference (IHMTC-2017)

ISSN: 2688-7231 (Online)

Spatial Preference of Film Growth in Boiling and Localized Suppression of Bubble Release

Vatsal Sanjay
MIED, IIT Roorkee

M B Darshan
MIED, IIT Roorkee

Parmod Kumar
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, 247667, India

Arup Kumar Das
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand-247667, India

Ravi Kumar
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, 247667, India

DOI: 10.1615/IHMTC-2017.2390
pages 1721-1725


Numerical simulations have been performed to study the growth of vapour filmaround the heated cylinders in stack and also the interaction among the neighbouring sites. A VOF solver coupled with energy equation and change of phase has been used for this purpose. Simulations have been carried out by maintaining the bulk domain at saturation temperature and cylinders at a superheat of 200 K. The interfacial interactions for two types of cylinder arrangements have been studied. Vertical in-line stack and rectangular array has been modelled and mutual interactions are reported. It has been observed that the bubble grows more freely over the cylinder which doesn't have any neighbour showing preference in site. In presence of neighbouring cylinders in both horizontal and vertical directions, lateral biasing of vapour growth is observed along the suppression of vapour mass in lower cylinders.

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